Great Green Booze: 12 Sustainable Holiday Spirits

With everyone else on the planet jumping on the green bandwagon, it was inevitable that the purveyors of our most popular mind-altering substance have jumped on board. We’ll take you on a tour of some of the best…

Ocean Vodka Maui

Guess where this drink comes from? If you’re thinking island breezes and big, big waves… you’d be right. It’s distilled in Hawaii by a couple of surfer dudes who really know their drinks.

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10 Great Ways to Green your Thanksgiving

Getting There – Thanksgiving is one of the heaviest travel weekends of the year, and how you choose to get there can make a big difference in your annual carbon footprint. If you’re driving long distances, avoid SUVs and big gas-guzzlers – remember, you can always rent something smaller. Carpooling is also good, although not always an option. And if you’re flying, keep in mind that air miles are about the most damaging mode of travel for the environment. Avoid flying if possible; if you can’t, consider purchasing carbon offsets from a reliable source.

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Futuristic Green Transit: 10 Vehicles for 2010

Want to green your ride, but can’t afford a Tesla? That’s okay… there are plenty of cool (if not quite so flashy) new transportation options coming down the pike that will cost you less than $100,000. Some of ‘em you can even build yourself.

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10 Tips for Going Green with Your Computer

The information revolution helped spark the green revolution.  Computers have been instrumental in everything from designing more-efficient engines to running alternative-energy power plants to distributing information on the Internet that allows us to make smarter, greener choices. But computers themselves can be a bit of a problem. Many of their …

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Should You Have Some Beef with Your Beef?


Where’s the beef?

It’s not down on the farm these days, alas. The healthy, natural beef of years gone by is almost extinct. It has been driven out by cheap beef, raised on gigantic feedlots, fattened on corn. The problem is: corn isn’t healthy for cows, and raising beef this way ultimately isn’t healthy for us either. Here are some things to watch out for and ways to be more healthy when it comes to your beef-related choices.

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We get it, green is the new black

Saving the environment has never been so cool; fashion designers made “organic, green” grocery  bags that will cost you just as much as your monthly food bill would be.  Organic fashions are simple, eco friendly, and will make your bank cry.  If you’ve went food shopping with only buying organic …

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