Wind Power Generated From Kites

Wind power from kites

Wind Power From Kites

The world over, experiments are under way to generate wind power from kites.  Wind power from kites or other objects suspended in air are not new, but have been mostly ignored for decades.  The first U.S. patent for such a device was filed in 1966, and similar patents in the States were filed throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s.  But these precursors to wind power generators such as KiteGen were simple affairs that generated small amounts of power.  Today, prompted by climate change and the need for cheap, clean electricity, they can generate upwards of 10 Megawatts per kite, with larger wind power kite farms projected to generate 100 Megawatts or more.  In fact, current projects claim that a single farm, or array of wind power kites, could generate the same electrical output as a Nuclear power plant.

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Coal, Oil are Not the Solution to Sustainable Energy – What is?

Contrary to good ol’ George Bush’s opinion on future energy sources, offshore drilling and millions of dollars exploring carbon capture techniques are not the answer to our energy needs. Oil companies are enjoying record-breaking profits and George claims there’s hope for the future of solar power – “in parts of the world where the sun shines a lot.”

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