Honda’s Hydrogen Vision: A Sustainable Future in 2023?

Honda, a pioneer in the automobile industry, has been at the forefront of exploring innovative ways to transition towards a more sustainable future. With a special focus on hydrogen as a clean energy source, Honda envisions a future where the use of hydrogen can revolutionize the way we perceive mobility …

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Is Global Warming Real? 5 Proofs That Urge Action

Sky Factory by Taras Kalapun
Photo by j/f/ photosPhoto by j/f/ photos
Global warming and climate change have been the focus of controversy and debate for nearly half a century – Is global warming real? What causes climate change – is it man made? Should we do something? What can we do?

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Should You Have Some Beef with Your Beef?


Where’s the beef?

It’s not down on the farm these days, alas. The healthy, natural beef of years gone by is almost extinct. It has been driven out by cheap beef, raised on gigantic feedlots, fattened on corn. The problem is: corn isn’t healthy for cows, and raising beef this way ultimately isn’t healthy for us either. Here are some things to watch out for and ways to be more healthy when it comes to your beef-related choices.

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Bush Makes Jokes at the Expense of the Planet


We don’t need him to do any more “work”. We’re not asking that he do anything, really. It might be better if he just went to Crawford until January. But since he insists on carrying on the charade of being a representative of the American people, all we really want is for him to stop saying moronic things in front of important world leaders for the duration of his time in office. Really, is that too much to ask?

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Tomorrow’s Oceans – The Effects of Climate Change Under the Sea

The effects of global warming and climate change on the ocean are still under much debate. Some see the onset of a damaging megadrought while others forecast water temperatures as high as 107ºF. Regardless of the causes or the results, we are seeing major changes in life beneath the sea. Some ocean species are migrating further north, causing shifts in food chains and the fishing industry, while other populations are decreasing at rapid rates.

In fact, the recent revision to the underestimated numbers released earlier now states that “more than 16,000 species (are) threatened with extinction.” According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), “One in three amphibians, one in four mammals, one in eight birds and 70% of plants so far assessed for its Red Lists of Threatened Species are believed to be at risk.”

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Is Extinction a Major Present-Day Problem?

Extinction is nothing new … mass extinctions are part of the life cycle of the planet. Still, if we are indeed in the 6th great mass extinction then perhaps we should be worried that at least one such mass extinction took the planet 30 million years to recover from! Some …

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Is Global Warming Fact or Fiction?

Is global warming a myth or a fact? Or is the entire term misleading and should climate change by the phrase of choice instead? The site 42Explore provides a great introduction to the issue of global warming, both an ‘easy’ and a ‘hard’ version, as well as numerous reputable resources …

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