10 Incredible and Intriguing Eco Accessories for Your Home


From staircases to furniture and art to lighting, a sustainably designed home requires eco-friendly accessories for a green design inside and out. ┬áThis collection of amazing eco designs goes beyond standard energy-star appliances and stainless steel cabinetry, including chairs from worn-out keyboards, elegant light fixtures from recycled aluminum, and more…

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Green Living Room Furniture for the Home

Ever consider going green with your furniture? Chances are you may have but are concerned about the cost. Green furniture can be quite expensive and hard to find at times. Whether you want to go used, are a do-it-yourselfer or simply prefer to buy new here are some ways to get started on your green furniture shopping.

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Ten Clever Furniture Designs from Recycled Materials

We all have seen quirky one-off sculptures made from recycled materials but it is a decent bet that most designers don’t think about the possibilities of creating lines of recycled furniture. With so many materials going to waste in droves it seems a shame not to think big about how to give these a new life. While many of these are still mostly conceptual a lot of them have potential beyond being whimsical one-time creations.

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