20 Amazing Images Attributed to Global Warming

By Mysi Anne via Flickr
By Mysi Anne via Flickr

Global warming has been discussed and debated until we’re all about sick of hearing the debates and discussions. Instead of analyzing scientific data or arguing over who’s to blame for climate change, take a look at these intriguing global warming images of the shocking and unusual changes we’ve experienced in recent years. These oddities may or may not prove that global warming is real in your book, but they’re amazing nonetheless!

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OneHundredMonths – 100 Months for Climate Change

Earth in a puddle

The 100 month countdown

Without positive, permanent action taken RIGHT NOW, the latest estimates say we have 8 years and 4 months before climate change has reached an unstoppable point of build-up. And while the first thought of many is undoubtedly that the naysayers are on their soapboxes again, let’s point out that the report released today in The Guardian, a UK newspaper, says these numbers are based on the conservative outlook.

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What is it About Climate Change?


What is it about climate change that stirs everyone up so much? When innovative technology is applied to cars, houses or other everyday things everyone seems to celebrate progress. However, when articles come out about climate change the tone shifts and the skeptics come out in force. Ecoble invariably gets the most crass, spammy and downright incorrect comments on such articles. But why?

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How Can You Question Climate Change Now?

Polar Ice Caps Melting

So a lot of people question the mechanism, cause or even existence of what is now commonly called climate change. Sometimes they call out the words ‘global warming’ and then point out that there is cooling going on as well in the world. Well, details and titles aside you can’t argue with melting ice caps, can you? Nature may have its cycles but this is unquestionably unusual and incredibly significant to the global climate.

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