10 Incredible and Intriguing Eco Accessories for Your Home


From staircases to furniture and art to lighting, a sustainably designed home requires eco-friendly accessories for a green design inside and out. ┬áThis collection of amazing eco designs goes beyond standard energy-star appliances and stainless steel cabinetry, including chairs from worn-out keyboards, elegant light fixtures from recycled aluminum, and more…

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Recycled Buildings: Awesomely Creative Reuse Projects

Prefab homes are great – but recycled buildings are even better! Whether it’s a new construction from rescued garbage or or a creative conversion of an existing structure, these recycled buildings are minimizing waste and improving the planet. They’re also creatively awesome examples of how unique green architecture can be! …

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Ten Clever Furniture Designs from Recycled Materials

We all have seen quirky one-off sculptures made from recycled materials but it is a decent bet that most designers don’t think about the possibilities of creating lines of recycled furniture. With so many materials going to waste in droves it seems a shame not to think big about how to give these a new life. While many of these are still mostly conceptual a lot of them have potential beyond being whimsical one-time creations.

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