Alternative Power: Hydroelectric Potential


Image by Ontario Power Generation

When it comes to large-scale alternative power, hydroelectric plants are currently the most common – supplying more than 80% of the word’s renewable energy.  While hydro power is much cleaner and more cost-efficient than the generation of electricity using fossil fuels, there are a number of disadvantages including the threat of dam failures, disturbance to the natural environment, and some greenhouse gas emissions.

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8 Amazing Ways to Use Kinetic Energy at Home


Image by Krassy Can Do It

New ways to integrate alternative energy sources into your home and everyday life are surfacing everyday.  We’ve featured creative off-the-grid gadgets, awesome uses for wind and solar power, and the available options for solar ready homes.  The power of humans is just as reliable – and typically more cost-effective – than other types of alternative energy.  Take a look at these innovative ways to use your own kinetic energy at home…

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The Search for Automotive Independence and Sustainable Transport

Automobiles have become an integral part of life over the past century. Unfortunately, the idea of sustainable transport wasn’t considered until more recently. Limited performance models powered by hydro motors and those operating on electricity were quickly forsaken for the power and convenience of gasoline and diesel engines.


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9 Unusual Alternative Energy Options – the Potential of Biomass

Biomass Can Come from a Great Variety of Interesting Sources
Biomass Can Come from a Great Variety of Interesting Sources

Biomass energy and biomass fuel are becoming more and more viable options for a sustainable future. But Biomass is a lot more fascinating than most people realize, with fuel sources ranging from chicken excrement to human fat and even stranger substances you might never have guessed. The many, many different possibilities for biomass materials makes it one of the most fascinating forms of alternative energy – especially when you consider these unusual methods of biomass production:

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Enthusiast Fuels his Ecoboat with Human Fat

Vehicles that draw their energy from green sources have created an exciting new frontier in the travel industry! At least, that’s what most people think. When it comes to boats, though, alternative energy crafts are nothing new. Back in the day (1902 in fact!), Mary Gordon was an electric-powered boat sporting stained glass windows, silk curtains and luxurious, velvet covered chairs.

So how far have we really come since then?

Eco Boat

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