8 Amazing Ways to Use Kinetic Energy at Home


Image by Krassy Can Do It

New ways to integrate alternative energy sources into your home and everyday life are surfacing everyday.  We’ve featured creative off-the-grid gadgets, awesome uses for wind and solar power, and the available options for solar ready homes.  The power of humans is just as reliable – and typically more cost-effective – than other types of alternative energy.  Take a look at these innovative ways to use your own kinetic energy at home…

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6 Intriguing Possibilities for Alternative Source Energy


Image by Lollie-Pop

Alternative energy sources are the foundation to a sustainable future.  We talk a lot about wind and solar power – for good reason, but there are plenty of other feasible (and not so feasible) options to consider.  In previous posts, we’ve looked at  the potential of tornados as alternative source energy and explored the simplistic awe of human power.  This post will cover a few more alternative power solutions that could play a role in the future of energy – from chicken feathers to ancient mudstones…

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GYM: Concept Car for Physical Fitness

Sporting and sporty, combining fitness and transportation

If being an electric car isn’t enough to make you look at this concept vehicle with an appreciative eye, would it help to say that it incorporates personal workout into it’s operation?  That’s right, it is flashy, sporty, and helps keep you healthy.  The car could be charged up using a connection to a conventional electric outlet, but it can also be charged by another, rarely tapped form of power: the human body engaged in physical exercise.  It has a stepping machine, a bench press, a rowing machine, and you can even do some pull-ups, keeping you physically fit at the same time as you put that aerobic energy to a practical use.

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