Sustainable Living – Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Sustainable living is more than an idea – it’s a necessity. Our  lifestyle is quite dependent on the planet, from valuable and limited land to the nonrenewable fossil fuels we’re quickly depleting. Unfortunately, we’ve continued to take from the earth without considering the effects it could have on our future.

Pollution at sunset.  By Pfala
Pollution at sunset. By Pfala

Yes, the planet may survive the drastic changes brought about by global warming and the poor decisions of humans – the question is, will we?

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College Sustainability Report Card – “A” is for “Green”

Most of us were in school for years, performing our studies, (maybe) doing our homework, and being graded, day in and day out. It was a constant process, and all of us were perpetually judged. (I recently wrapped it all up after 17 years.) Now it’s time to turn the tables and judge the schools, all in the name of the little blue planet we love.

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