Top Ten Ecoble Articles of All Time

Photo by Laverrue via Flickr
Photo by Laverrue via Flickr

From recycled water bottle islands to the latest developments in sustainable transport, Ecoble has shared the coolest green gadgets, current eco politics, and our favorite sustainable innovations with you for nearly a year-and-a-half now – here’s the 10 posts our readers have enjoyed the most. Let us know which Ecoble article is your favorite in the comments!

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The Search for Automotive Independence and Sustainable Transport

Automobiles have become an integral part of life over the past century. Unfortunately, the idea of sustainable transport wasn’t considered until more recently. Limited performance models powered by hydro motors and those operating on electricity were quickly forsaken for the power and convenience of gasoline and diesel engines.


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Sustainable Living – Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Sustainable living is more than an idea – it’s a necessity. OurĀ  lifestyle is quite dependent on the planet, from valuable and limited land to the nonrenewable fossil fuels we’re quickly depleting. Unfortunately, we’ve continued to take from the earth without considering the effects it could have on our future.

Pollution at sunset.  By Pfala
Pollution at sunset. By Pfala

Yes, the planet may survive the drastic changes brought about by global warming and the poor decisions of humans – the question is, will we?

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Sustainable Prefab Living in Custom Style – Homes by FlatPak

What is FlatPak?

FlatPak homes combine the luxury of a custom designed house with the environmental benefits of a sustainable lifestyle to create unique and beautiful homes, hotels, and townhouses that are friendly to the planet. Each 8′ by 8′ component is custom built according to your specifications – choose glass types, windows, and a variety of eco-friendly finishes and accents to design your dream home.

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