Top Ten Green Fashion Blogs

August 28, 2008

Last week saw the launch of the very first green fashion magazine called boho. It is printed on 100% recyclable paper with soy-based inks, and unlike other magazines that have a green theme, this one is devoted entirely to fashion. Real fashion–not just hemp and Earth Shoes. We’re talking haute couture here.

For those of us who have an interest in both fashion and ethics, this marks a great milestone in our efforts to green up a notoriously un-conscious industry.

But boho isn’t the only source for green fashion news and information. A handful of dedicated bloggers have made it their mission to publicize the independent, sustainable designers and manufacturers that are making the world a beautiful place, in more ways than one. 

Here are the best of the best in the world of Green Fashion Blogging:  The Top Ten Green Fashion Blogs!

1.  Victoria Everman

Victoria Everman is a “creatively versatile eco-powerhouse.”  She’s a freelance writer, fashion model, on-camera personality, public speaker,  and official U.S. spokesperson for Twice Shy Clothing.  She’s got an industry insider’s view of sustainable fashion and beauty!

2.  Eco-Chick

Starre Vartan has been writing Eco-Chick since 2005.  This month sees the release of her new book, The Eco Chick Guide to Life:  How to Be Fabulously Green.  She and her team of editors cover the green movement from the female perspective, focusing on young, urban, and hip women with a passion for green.

3.  Green Girls Global / Green Guys Global

A blog based in the UK and contributed to by style-loving ladies around the globe (hence the name), this blog has one of the most extensive ranges of topics I’ve seen.  It’s is always fresh, with plenty of up-to-the-minute news about the world of green fashion.

4.  Green Cotton

Written by Shana Yansen, the founder of Jute & Jackfruit, a new sustainable clothing company.  Yansen not only writes about fashion, but has great insights on the manufacturing process for organic clothing.

5.  DC Goodwill Fashion Blog

Vintage, recycled and second-hand clothing are a huge part of the sustainable style movement.  DCGFB documents the pursuit of high fashion that has been derived from the mother of all second hand stores:  The Goodwill!

6.  Fashion, evolved.

“A style blog for the eco snob,” brings fashion and sustainability together through interviews with designers and retailers, coverage of current events, and plenty of humor.

7.  Righteous (re)Style

Focuses on recycled, reused, second-hand, vintage, and re-purposed fashion.  The author also writes about general ‘green’ topics and her pursuit of an organic lifestyle.

8.  Organic Clothing Blog

This site focuses mainly on the manufacturing and processing of organic fabrics, and it is a veritable goldmine of information for anyone who is really interested in educating themselves about the industry.

9.  The Greenloop

A huge collection of features about and interviews with sustainable designers; along with  coverage of green fashion news, current events, and shopping!

10. Eco Fabulous

A comprehensive look at the world of eco style, including regular posts on women’s fashion, shoes, accessories and handbags.

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