Welcome to Ecoble – a blog about Eco/Green Design, Innovation and Sustainability.

Growing Passion

We can’t claim to have always placed importance on the environment through our lives, certainly not as much as we should have. However, we recognize it is not too late and now is the time for us and others to take the environment more seriously, give it more priority and ensure that future generations can enjoy it. We firmly believe if the world can take some big steps forward with regards to green innovation and sustainability like it has done with technology and other industries, we can obtain a sustainable culture.


Ecoble represents our first step towards building an online promotion and education of environmental topics and lifestyle.

It emphasizes both the value of green living and design as well as its appeal more broadly. Green doesn’t have to mean boring and environmental! Green news isn’t all enviro-hellfire and brimstone! Join us as we explore the good, bad, ugly and amazing from the natural sciences and ecological innovations.


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