Oil Spills Still an Unfortunate Fact of Life

It always seems like oil spills should be a thing of the past, like unpopular warfare or 80’s fashion, but they always crop back up. The cleanup is costly, not to mention the incalculable impact on the natural environment. In some cases the spills are so toxic they can’t even allow volunteers to help clean things up.


Russian oil tanker splits in half: Up to 2,000 metric tons of fuel oil have leaked near the Black Sea after a Russian oil tanker split in half. It came apart after it was smashed by 108km/h (67 mph) winds and 5m (16ft) waves in the Kerch Strait between the Azov and Black Seas.

Thanks but No Thanks: Hundreds of would-be oil spill cleanup volunteers who wanted to do something were told on Saturday in San Francisco to go home and do nothing. Spilled oil is just too dangerous for ordinary citizens to clean up, the experts said.

Want to Know More? Wikipedia has a frequently-updated list of oil spills around the world with basic vital statistics concerning their date, location and global impact.