Why the Future of Renewable Energy Is Now

Reasons Homemade Renewable Energy is a Great Idea:

1. Will reduce CO2 emissions in Great Britain by as much as 30 million tons in 20 years(this is the equivalent of getting rid of half of the trucks in Britain alone)
2. It can serve as a main energy source rather easily
3. It encourages the practice of energy conservation
4. It preserves the environment by reducing pollution unlike current energy sources and their by-products.
5. Everyone gets the chance to contribute to environmental causes such as the fight against climate change and other environmental problems.
6. Reduces global dependence on fossil-based fuels.

With the ever increasing price of crude oil and the volatile situation in the world’s energy markets, a lot of people are considering the switch to renewable energy sources as an answer to their problems.

While environmental advocates have long touted the need to switch from the over-dependence on fossil-based fuels to alternative energy sources such as homemade renewable energy, this call received little attention among the global populace, most of whom saw no urgent need to switch from current sources of energy to those less prone to affect the environment, partly because of the initial costs of making the switch and the fact that government grants and assistance towards making the switch were hardly available in the past.

The Impact of the Current Energy Situation

With signs that the costs of crude oil and other energy products derived from similar sources are not bound to reduce anytime soon, people are responding much more positively to the possibility of converting to alternative energy as a mainstream source of power. Although this contemplated move may be more in tune with the need to save money than the need to save the environment, it may very well be the situation that brings about the much needed change required to aid in resolving most of the current environmental problems and protecting the earth for future generations.

Even national government bodies and establishments known for their posturing and reluctance to vocally support this need for change, are altering their stance. Recently the British Government, in an overtly supportive move towards the renewable energy drive, sponsored a detailed report listing out a number of reasons why homemade renewable energy (micro-generation) is a good idea.

Financing the Renewable Energy Cause

The report is not the only effort the British government is making towards making sure that people become aware of alternative energy sources and make the switch.  A £100 billion renewable energy initiative has been launched in order to encourage homeowners to start generating their own power, financial incentives will be offered for homeowners who outfit their homes with devices capable of renewable energy generation such as wind turbines and solar panels. Not only will homeowners receive funds to aid them make the switch but they will also have the opportunity to sell the excess energy that they generate back to the national power grid at premium rates.

Energy Goals, Targets and Benefits

This strategy is part of an effort to ensure that 20% of the energy in the European Union comes from renewable energy sources in as little as 12 years from now. Currently, only about 90,000 solar panels are used in renewable energy generation in homes across Britain but the initiative aims to increase this figure by as much as 7 million by the year 2020. Not only is the initiative meant to provide energy, reduce costs and save the environment but it will also be responsible for creating over 150,000 jobs.

While it is clear that there are still some hurdles to be crossed, it is clear that this new strategy and pro-environmentalist stance being adopted by national governments such as that of Britain bodes well for the future.