Strange Environmental Facts from GreenExpander


As soon as you think you know it all you’re bound to find out something new. One of the biggest problems with understanding and debating environmental issues is that people often don’t have their facts straight when they go into a discussion. New facts and ways of understanding them can jar the complacent mind into reevaluating what they assume to be true, and these are no exceptions. Here are just a few interesting ones to start with.

We are experiencing warmer years than ever, our actions cause irreversible damage to the environment. Each year tens of thousands of species go extinct, deserts are advancing and taking over the land. But there are certain shocking facts on the environment far more serious but not known to many. Without further ado, here are GreenExpander’s 20 Shocking Facts on the Environment. Scared enough? Good! Here are some great facts about recycling to follow up with.

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