Gasoline That Grows on Trees – Literally

Diesel Tree

Well, not gasoline per say but something strangely close. With minimal filtering and no refining these amazing trees produce fuel for up to 70 years and and at a rate of 1 barrel per 4 trees per year. After extraction, the fuel must be used within a few months but can be put almost directly to work in a diesel engine. However, even if the fuel is left for too long it changes into another form of oil that fetches a fairly high market price as a medicinal substance.

The implications of this go beyond another form of fuel production. Family farmers could use a few acres or less to power their equipment and vehicles, saving not only the cost (environmental and otherwise) of purchasing standard fuel but also the ecological cost of transporting fuels across great distances to reach rural areas.

As of right now, unfortunately this particular species of tree has a difficult time growing outside of tropical environments. It is also difficult for a novice farmer to cultivate. However, with the new added attention on the tree it is hoped that work will be done to make it more available and potentially modify it to make it easier to grow as well.

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