Update: New Floating Man-Made Island About to be Open to the Public

The original Spiral Island was the talk of the world: a man-made floating island constructed from 250,000 plastic bottles that could drift and relocate as needed until it was destroyed by disaster. Now the new Spiral Island is slated to open to the public within the next few months in Laguna Makax near Isla Mujeres. The new island has drawn in donations, volunteers and visitors from all parts of the world and walks of life – people inspired by what may be one of the most impressive do-it-yourself projects of modern times.

(Above: the old Spiral Island, Below: The new one under construction)

The infamous island has been at the center of controversies with each step forward as any endeavor this industrious and unusual is likely to be. Some claim it is a brilliant environmental design – using almost exclusively recycled materials in its construction. Others note that when the last island was destroyed it resulted in the littering of its materials and is in many ways the work of a single insane architectural genius. Still, were it not for that catastrophe those materials would still be providing a home for some and destination for others with a minimal use of non-recycled parts and clearly its creators never intended for it to be demolished in such a fashion.

There is a variety of media available to people who want to learn more about spiral island. The Spiral Islanders site has forums, a blog, photo collections and videos related to the construction and history of the island as well as the stories and experiences of those who have worked on it and the areas in which they have done so. It is easy to see how, as people learn more and more about the project, they become increasingly intrigued and many ultimately end up visiting and helping with the island itself. The Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not video below and photo collection are also a great place to get a feel for the island.

Find more photos like this on Richie Sowa’s Spiral Island

12 thoughts on “Update: New Floating Man-Made Island About to be Open to the Public”

  1. Well I am not sure if I would want to live their but he seems happy. What can I say I like my A/C and for me it’s just way too hot to be without it down there.

  2. i've been fallowing your island for many years now , i beleave i have fixed most of the things people say are wronge with your design, to include wave reduction system , greator storm sirvieability and the ability to grow the island into a multi family island of much greater size and mass , as well as the ability to be opperated out on open ocean, this island will use much of the same idea's you came up with , but will be much stronger and more flexable in regaurds to wave and storm , it can withstand hurican winds and not breakup, the wave reduction technology will keep 90% of waves from striking main island body, also island will be mobile having 4 motor housins built into island so it can avoid large storms altogether if needs be –think of a tugboat pulling large lines of barges on missippi river 6 wide and a 12 long this is done on a daily basis each one much larger the your first 2 islands now think of an island with those dimencions or more, oh yes all the items used in this island go into land fills everyday as i said this is your design and idea , just beefed up and reconfigured to be stronger and more boyent ,i have been working on these ideas for 10 to 12 years ever sence i first saw your island and read others comments on it's problems, also i found in my research a clean and pure water generator that will generate clean drinking water , and cool air in a worm or hot climet , again not my idea just a good one i came across , like your island idea , i have put together alot of other peoples ideas to make your island design better , i'm a big fan of you and your island , and plan to retire early and build this new island in the next 2 to 3 years– oh anybody interrested in living on one of these islands i'll be looking for help in the building of it i'm more ambuishes i want a large island the more people helping the bigger it will be. contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions

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