Tomorrow’s Volkswagen – Not Just a Car; A Companion

Imagine a roadway completely free of accidents. How much time would you save if you never had to search for another parking space? What if your car truly made life easier and at the same time caused absolutely no harm to the environment?

Volkswagen’s vision for the future sounds like a scene from a really good sci-fi movie and looks just as futuristic. In just 20 short years, these sleek, friendly automobiles may be ruling the roadways and changing the way we think about driving. Volkswagen 2028 is a plan for eco-friendly transportation at its best – the right car with just the right amount of space, zero emissions, and a personality that suits your own.

Volkswagen 2028

From the space saving ONe to the family size ROOM, the 4 earth and driver friendly prototypes offer the right solution for every need. There’s no need to worry about choosing the right color – Volkswagen is experimenting with intelligent materials “that will make it possible for us to customize our cars with the simple press of a button.”

What else makes the Volkswagen 2028 vision worth investigating?

  • Not only can you alter colors and adjust the window tint, cars can become more visible in adverse weather by donning a more vibrant hue.
  • An automatic driving system allows cars to drive themselves – even letting the front seats swivel around to face the rear for quality time on the go.
  • The car of the future doesn’t just get you from one place to another. It doubles as a shopping assistant, travel companion, and a mobile entertainment center that knows your personal preferences and communicates with you.
  • Never forget a meeting or lose touch with friends and family. Your Volkswagen in 2028 will connect with all your wireless devices and will keep a constant connection to the internet. It will know you, as well as your schedule.
  • Your car will not just communicate with you, it will communicate with the cars around it – eliminating traffic jams and preventing accidents. Your car will even drop you off and park itself!

What about the environment?

Smaller, more advanced engines, combined with the use of electricity and sustainable fuel options, will create automotives with zero emissions. Rather than wasting space for food crops with plants for biodiesel, second-generation fuels can convert any part of the plant and use waste products like stems and leaves leaving the rest for food.

Volkswagen 2028 takes eco-friendly driving and sustainable living to an entirely new level. The question is, are we ready for it?

Share your thoughts on the automotive future – Does autopilot take the fun out of driving? Would you trust your car enough to turn your back to the road? Does the thought of your car knowing more about you than your best friend creep you out just a wee bit?

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6 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Volkswagen – Not Just a Car; A Companion”

  1. Sure they say this stuff will be available in 20 years. That way they will get the “green” audience to buy and support their cars now and not have to worry about broken promises 20 years from now. Heck, if they get in trouble they can just do what US automakers do and report bankrupcy.

  2. Yeah I'm with Coupons, I wouldnt invest in something that is promised just 2 years ahead of time, let alone 20 years. It sounds great and all but I'll believe it when I see it.

  3. The issue though is that someone has to 'adopt early' and invest ahead of
    time. Otherwise, innovation won't happen. Nothing comes for 'free' and
    nothing just 'appears' on the market without some early adoption and

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