Bush Makes Jokes at the Expense of the Planet


We don’t need him to do any more “work”. We’re not asking that he do anything, really. It might be better if he just went to Crawford until January. But since he insists on carrying on the charade of being a representative of the American people, all we really want is for him to stop saying moronic things in front of important world leaders for the duration of his time in office. Really, is that too much to ask?

George “The Decider” Bush met in Japan a couple weeks ago for a summit with the leaders of the top eight industrial nations (G8) to discuss how they plan to have their way with the globe. Naturally, (no pun intended) among the items on the agenda was the subject of climate change.

The G8 were unable to come to an agreement on any definitive action with regard to climate change, but rather than this being a cause for sober reflection, it inspired our fearless leader to conclude his comments at the summit by punching at the air and saying, “Goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter.”

Now, I’m just a humble blogger; certainly no diplomat or statesman. I work in my pajamas half the time, drink too much coffee, and watch reality TV while surfing the internet and reading DIGG. And yet, even I know that an international summit is not the place to crack jokes about how little my country cares about the planet.

Reporters state that everyone at the summit was shocked by the president’s remarks.I’m sure there were a few moments before they recovered when their faces revealed a furious mental debate in which they tried to decide whether he is an idiot or ballsy.Personally, I think both are true.A ballsy idiot is representing our interests to the entire civilized world.And that, my friends, is no laughing matter.

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