John McWayne Doesnt Know How Many Houses He Has – Poor Little Guy!

Poor OLD John McWayne, I mean McCain. He forgot how many houses he has! Silly old sod! That must be really tough. I’m going to pass on a handy hint I was taught long ago by my grandfather and use to this very day. Every day I wake up, I hit the little ‘maid’ button next to my bed, summon my maid and ask her not only how many houses do I own, but also which particular house and country do I happen to be in that morning. It always helps to get things straight first thing in the morning.

Someone who forgets his own number of houses, surely must be in touch with the basic issues of health care and education in America right? I wonder if there’s other ‘how many’ questions we could pose that he would have trouble with?:

  • How many more wars will you get into or start if you are president John?
  • How many countries will drastically lose faith in America with you and the Republicans in office for at least four more years John?

Well, I could go on, but you get the picture. Perhaps there is a few ideas from comments here I can add to this post!

3 thoughts on “John McWayne Doesnt Know How Many Houses He Has – Poor Little Guy!”

  1. When I saw the news this morning about McCain it was an absolute “Here’s your sign” moment. UGH!I can’t say I’m sold on Obama, but it’s a no brainer over McCain. I liked Edwards, but I can’t help but feel disappointment right now. This isn’t a Clinton moment, the wife has cancer, that’s a low blow.
    Oh well… just my 2 cents…

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