18 Free Green Ebooks Worth Reading

Photo by Lori Greig
Photo by Lori Greig

Whether you like to read, enjoy learning new things, or just need a good resource to make your life a little greener – check out these free eco ebooks and satisfy your literary cravings:

On Transportation

The Green Motoring Guide by Drive offers an in-depth fuel comparison, the scoop on the best green cars available now, and tips to make your drive time more environmentally friendly.

108 Tips to Raise Your Fuel Economy provides a wealth of info that will help you save money and decrease your carbon footprint. The green ebook is free when you subscribe to Wise Bread’s feed.

Gas Saving Devices – Fuel Saver or Consumer Scam is a must-read before you spend money to make your car more efficient. A number of websites sale this ebook for as much as $20, but it’s available free through ebooks Canada. (Warning – link is directly to the pdf file.)

Biodiesel 101 offers all the info you need to brew and use your own biodiesel, specifically in the state of Arizona.

On Global Warming and Climate Change

Global Warming: A Mind Mappers Guide to the Science and Solutions is an easy to read ebook by Jane Genovese, explaining the cause, effect, and solutions of global warming using illustrative mind maps.

The Challenge of Global Warming, written by NASA scientist James Hansen with the help of other contributers in 1989, is now available as a free ebook from Island Press. The book examines scientific proof of climate change and measures that can be taken to reduce the overall global impact.

Gone with the Winds by Jane Air is a unique twist on environmental ebooks. Read all 28 chapters of this romantic, yet satirical, take on global warming from a poetic view.

On Renewable and Alternative Energy

The Solar Energy Guide is an informative ebook from SolReka with everything you need to know about photovoltaic panels and their uses. Again, this link takes you straight to the book.

Biogas Methane Explained by Steve Last is a bit technical but worth the read if you’re interested in learning more about biomass and waste energy.

Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air, by Cambridge physic professor David Mackay, gives knowledgeable insight into the future of sustainable and renewable energy.

Photo by Bob Cox
Photo by Bob Cox

On Green Living

An Inconvenient Doofus by Steve Lee is a 62-page ebook with images, tips for a greener lifestyle, and plenty of humor. The link above will take you straight to the PDF file or you can get more info here.

Living Green is a collection of 101 tips to improve the environment. This link also takes you straight to the ebook.

The Guide to Greener Electronics is a publication by Greenpeace, updated every 3 months. Take a look at the most recent edition, updated Nov.24, 2008, here in PDF format.

On Sustainable Architecture and Green Building

Green Building 101 is a basic guide to sustainable building and remodeling from the folks at Tree Hugger Consulting in Oregon.

How to Buy a Solar Hot Water Heater by John Van Doren has all the info you need to make an informed purchase of solar hot water heaters. (PDF link)

Photo by Papalars
Photo by Papalars

On Green Business

You Can’t Afford Not to be Green – 51 ways your business can save money and the planet. Read it online.

State of Green Business 2008 provides a summary of the latest advancements in eco-friendly business practices, including telecommuting, energy efficiency, and alternative transportation. This link takes you to the PDF version.

Of course, ebooks are only good for the environment when you print lessThe Green PDF is an initiative to reduce greenhouse emissions by urging changes in our printing and reading habits.

If you know of a green ebook worth reading, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hello readers. I own a really easy to read book about climate change that you may be interested in which best of all is downloadable as an eBook available on the publishers website. The book is called “The Fire Dogs of Climate Change” by Sally Andrew. Perhaps the editor of this thread could take a read and add it to the list as i'm sure readers would find it very interesting. Click the link on my name to view the authors blog, although it's only her blog there is more information about the book there and a direct link to download it so it has everything you'll eer need. Definitely worth a quick read if nothing else as people have said no excuse when it's free and an eBook.

  2. Nice photo illustrating the beauty of mother nature. I would think what this planet going to be during my grand-grand-grand children age. Love the earth and save it before it is too late…

  3. Ofcourse the Green ebooks provide instance circulation and lessen the printing costs. Today the corporates are giving good attention to print less and help the environment. The “51 ways your business can save money ” is really informative. Thanks.

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