11 Pieces of Great Growing Green ‘Furniture’

Plantware living KinderForest_540
Plantware KinderForest

Got a green thumb and a hankering to get into the furniture-making biz? Take the hassle out of finding green furniture for your home by growing your own.

Building furniture from the ground up

Plantware living bench_540
Plantware bench

Imagine living green bus benches and playgrounds filling our cities. It’s a bit idyllic, but within the realm of possibility with Plantware’s innovative designs. Ultra practical yet totally biodegradable, Plantware’s award-winning designs could be the way of the future. The living KinderFroest in particular has tremendous benefits: grown from Ficus trees, it’s self-healing, requires only sunlight and rain to produce, is earthquake safe, and produces a ton of oxygen over its long life. What better place for your children to spend their time?

Pooktre Tree Shapers_540

Pooktre living grown garden chair_540
Pooktre Tree Shapers

Melding whimsical imagination with growing green furniture design, artists Peter and Becky work with wild plum and black cheery trees to shape them into both living and harvested furniture. The process can take up to 10 years, and you can even join Becky and Peter to collaborate in the making of your own pieces!

Mr Wu - growing tree chair_540

Growing tree chair_540
Mr. Wu’s growing chair

In another take on the tree-to-chair concept, a 60 year old Mr. Wu has successfully grown his own chair. While perhaps not the most attractive chairs we’ve seen, these sitters are certainly sustainable. Formed by bending pliable, still-growing elm trees into his desired shape, Mr. Wu prunes and fusses over his chairs (six currently in production) for up to five years each, after which they are “harvested.” This chair “designer” lives in Shenyang City, Liaoning province, China where he extols the virtues of growing furniture.

mushrooms by shinwei rhoda yen_540
‘mushrooms ate my furniture’ by Shinwei Rhoda Yen

Made from natural wood and infused with growing mushrooms’ spawn, these are a true demonstration of biodegradable furniture. Designed by Shinwei Rhoda Yen, this stool will slowly break down as the wood is consumed by the mushrooms.

Moss carpet close_540

Moss carpet_540
Moss carpet by Nguyen La Chanh

Nestle your toes in real, live moss after your next shower with one of these growing bath mats. Designed by Nguyen La Chanh, they’re made from plastazote (an imputrescible foam) stuffed with ball moss, island moss, and forest moss. You provide irrigation as you drip on it coming out of the shower.

Venus Chair - Tokujin Yoshioka_540
Venus Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka

Perhaps a little less comfy that the preceding options, the Venus Chair is grown not from living green plants, but rather out of natural crystals in a water bath. It’s up for the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2009.

Grassy ass outdoor furniture

Lawnchair by f bp_540
Lawnchair by f+bp

The Lawnchair by Fung+Blatt Architects take earthy to a whole new level. Made from renewable steel and rubber, and “upholstered” with a layer of sod, this lounger allows you the feeling of a lazy afternoon in the grass without the discomfort of a less ergonomic random patch of ground. And in case you were worried about keeping it green, it comes equipped with a moisture distribution system.

mindscape grass bench_540
Peddy furniture by Mindscape

Like something out of a Seuss book, these couches, chairs, and benches help you create a truly green space, even in a concrete jungle. Peddy furniture by Mindscape can be grown by just about anyone and requires only the occasional clipping to keep them neat and trim.

Adding a green touch to old pieces

Bob Gromofsky Designs - Grass Chair_540
Photo by sarah.c via Flickr

The wacky embellishment of these furniture pieces by Bob Gromofsky Designs gives a whole new meaning to bringing the outdoors in. We especially enjoy the grassy treatment given to the lamp, although aren’t quite sure what that’ll do to the diffusing quality of the shade.

Earth-grown powder room_540
Photo by blackdenimgumby via Flickr

Your personal care routine has never been this green! The garden powder room displayed at a past New England Flower Show demonstrated how to turn the common vanity desk and chair into a growing work of art.

Chia Obama_540
Chia Obama

And from the realm of the historical memorablia (we couldn’t resist!) comes the CH- CH- CH- CHIEF Special Edition Chia Obama for the mantle of every American home. Emblazened with Obama’s “Yes We Can!” your growing “happy” or “determined” Obama head will add to your green decorating scheme


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  1. Some really bizarre stuff, here. Obviously half this stuff is not practice, but I have to say that I'd never use the moss bath mat – as soon as I would step out of the shower I would have to worry about getting plant residue and dirt on the bottom of my feet. I'll just stick to my clean shower mat, thank you.

  2. Fantastic photos.Appreciate it as I have seen something new now.
    Can I use this info on my blog using the direct link to your blog? Thanks in advance

  3. I am so very impressed to see these pieces of work, nature and furniture combined all together, I have never imagined this would ever be possible. It is now and only have one question: how much do these pieces cost? I am already thinking about a nice fit for my bathroom vanities and I want to know if I can afford it.

  4. How on earth do they make those trees grow with the trunks shaped like stick men with the leaves as their hair?

    I grow many willow trees in my garden as it is such a useful material for garden furniture etc. The tree grows really bendy so I think I will start to try to manipulate them like the photos above.

    Absolutely inspiring works it makes me want to get out there and get started on some serious pruning!

    I don't think the lawn chairs would do well in my house my cat would chew all the grass and be forever ill, an interesting idea though 😉

    Thanks, I am so glad I found this page while looking for interesting furniture to blog about.

  5. Awestruck images. These people are so amazing. We can plant more trees to save the planet.
    Lets plant more trees.

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