5 Strange Stop-Gap “Solutions” to Climate Problems


Wait so is it global warming, cooling or climate change? Good, bad or ugly? The questions, perspectives and believes about climate issues change almost as much as the proposed solutions or interventions. Some of these supposed answers to core climate questions are truly as bizarre as these weird alternative fuel sources and outlandish as this incredible man-made recycled island. Whatever your opinions on climate change these are, at the very least, entertaining and extremely odd.


A volcanic eruption is a bad thing … right? Well, according to some scientists: not necessarily. The theory goes something like this: a faked volcanic eruption (via rockets shot nearly into space) could disperse sulphur into the upper atmosphere and block incoming and outgoing radiation. Of course, this plan has its critics. Other scientists worry about potential drought and other unforeseen consequences of such a bold and brazen act of geoengineering. And how could the process be undone if needed?


The idea of wrapping entire glaciers with sheets seems a bit far fetched and fanciful yet some scientists have proposed we do just that to prevent their rapid melting. One company has even developed the means to do it: a material dubbed Ice Protector that, in giant swathes, would be used to surround and protect glaciers. In tests the material was able to deflect heat and keep in the cold. Still, at $12 million per square mile this clever idea might not really be an affordable one.


Who ever heard of genetically engineering trees to be more shiny? Well, in a world with square watermelons probably pretty much anything is possible. Such shiny trees are one proposes way to cut down heat absorption on Earth and deflect more of the sun’s rays back into space. A bit quirky? Sure. That much beyond what is already being done to modify our plants and food supply? Probably not.


We always hear that if everyone contributed to a project they can make a world of change. Well, according to scientists, one simple measure – painting all our roofs white – could do just that. Not that it is likely to happen, but scientists believe that if everyone in the world painted their roof white the global temperature would drop to the level it was at a hundred years ago. Again, though, this is just a way to buy time to find other solutions, but it is still something to ponder the next time you re-roof your house!


So, heat is the problem, right? What if we could block a significant part of the sun’s rays entirely? How about 55,000 orbital mirrors to take on that task? That move alone would reduce the increasing levels of carbon dioxide on Earth by half. Of course, these mirrors would each be over 50 square miles in size and they are beyond expensive. Still, just imagine what it would look like to see these new ‘stars’ in space! If you’re not sure where you fall on the questions (let alone answers) on the climate change issue, you may want getting this guide to the politics and science of the climate change debate. And for more green stuff, check out this sweet green art and this unusually green vehicles.

20 thoughts on “5 Strange Stop-Gap “Solutions” to Climate Problems”

  1. We can get the Earth back to its temperature 100 years ago! Wonderful!

    Ok, everyone: go out and get all that white paint (filled with toxins), paint your roof and fill the air with fumes. Then, dump the rest of the paint in your backyard, which will eventually find its way to your local water supply. Don’t forget about how much waste material will be created by the factories producing all that paint. And what are we going to do with all those used paint buckets?

    Here’s the kicker… you’re doing ALL THAT in order to get back to where we were temperature-wise 100 years ago. Which is ONE DEGREE COOLER.

    *smacks forehead* people are stupid.

  2. In the 70s, for those of us old to remember, the fear was Global Cooling. One plan discussed involved spraying the arctic and antarctic with black soot or some such material.

    Of course, unlike today’s scientists, scientists in the 70s didn’t know what they were talking about. Heh.

  3. The atmospheric content of carbon dioxide has increased by 35% since the onset of the industrial revolution. You don’t suppose there is any chance that radical of a shift in our air could possibly be altering the environment, do you?

  4. Without the help of Betty I would have chosen the most stupid idea of all to reduce Global Warming. Now I’m not sure what option to pick for my school assignment, but thatnks anyway Betty!!

  5. hmmm, If we HAD to pick from THAT list… I think the orbital mirrors are the best bet, everything beside the paint and arctic sheet have little chance to be reversed, and we already seen whats wrong with the paint idea, and the arctic sheet is too costly… the mirrors are the only thing on that list that can be reversed and is ‘reasonably’ priced…
    then again hitting Yellowstone supper-volcano with a nuke has a certain appeal as well.

  6. Just something to Add to this If the Ice caps melt the Sea water will not rise at all do a test at home put an Ice cube in a glass of water mark the line put it in the dark so that you can’t blame evaporation then have a look when its melted because when water turns to Ice it expands then gets smaller when it melts.

    Also has anyone actually seen any hard evidence that we are making the world warmer by driving cars ect I havn’t because if you ask me I think we are just recovering from an Ice Age and in a few thousand years time it will start getting colder again.

    Just something to think about!!!

  7. It wouldn't necessarily have to be paint. Everyone puts shingles for the most part on their houses, most commercial buildings use some sort of water repellent on top of their roofs anyways. So why not just make the shingles white (white sand on the tar??) and perhaps make the water repellent white, which many commercial/industrial roofs are already reflective (some white) anyways.

    I honestly don't see the value in painting our roofs, but what if we just start to phase out the sun absorbing surfaces?? It really couldn't hurt.

    And let's not forget, it does not take a very large temperature shift to destroy ecosystems.

    1 degree can have a HUGE impact in the long run.

  8. These ideas are crazy, but probably work! I love how people are thinking outside of the box on this kind of stuff! Especially something as simple as painting your roof white.

  9. These ideas are crazy, but probably work! I love how people are thinking outside of the box on this kind of stuff! Especially something as simple as painting your roof white.

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