Is Global Warming Real? 5 Proofs That Urge Action

Photo by j/f/ photosPhoto by j/f/ photos
Global warming and climate change have been the focus of controversy and debate for nearly half a century – Is global warming real? What causes climate change – is it man made? Should we do something? What can we do?

What is Global Warming?

Atmospheric gases (primarily water vapor but also including carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, etc.) work together to retain some of the sun’s heat so that the earth stays a comfortable climate – this is known as the greenhouse effect and is necessary for human life. Climate change – long term changes in the overall climate of a particular region – can also occur naturally. The Ice Age, for example, is thought to be a natural change in the global climate. Some believe this was caused by a change in the distance between the earth and the sun, or a change in the earth’s orbital path, while others believe this climate change may have came about because of meteorites.

According to temperature records over the past 150 years, the average global temperature has risen at least one degree overall and more than 2 degrees specifically in the arctic. Scientists have also discovered a correlation between these temperatures and the level of carbon dioxide (and more recently methane gas) in the atmosphere.

Sky Factory by Taras Kalapun
Sky Factory by Taras Kalapun

In a perfect world, the trees and plants would balance the carbon dioxide levels in the air and a natural animal population would emit just the right amount of methane and CO2 to keep the atmosphere and climate in check.

In our world – we’ve removed vast amounts of vegetation to make space for structures that operate on polluting fossil fuels; we degrade land by breeding huge herds of methane-emitting cattle to feed our growing population; we manufacture products using processes that create even more gases. Our normal habits have altered the gas balance of our atmosphere, retaining more heat than ever before, and is considered to be the man made side of global warming and the current climate change.

Is Global Warming Real?

We’ve examined this question in a previous post, Global Warming: Fact or Fiction. Whether man made or natural, can anyone truly argue the fact that climates are changing around the world? Yes, global warming is real – Britain’s National Academy of Science states:

“The world’s leading climate experts at the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believe that it is greater than 90 per cent likely that human activity is responsible for most of the observed warming in recent decades. That is a pretty strong consensus.”

Global Warming Proof

“Global warming will intensify drought and it will intensify floods,” states Stephen Schneider, editor of the Climatic Change journal. 2007 brought some of the worst floods in history to a number of countries around the planet – including 14 African countries, the UK, Malaysia, the US midwest, and North Korea. Droughts and water shortages have been just as prominent in recent years – plaguing areas of the Middle East, the southeastern US, Spain, and Australia.

2007 Jakarta flood named worst in 300 years.  Photo by Indhas
2007 Jakarta flood named worst in 300 years. Photo by Indhas
Lake Lanier, Georgia.  Water level change in 11 months.  Photo by Brian Hursey
Lake Lanier, Georgia. Water level change in 11 months. Photo by Brian Hursey

The longtime dream route between Europe and Asia, the Northwest Passage, was open and ‘fully navigable’ for the first time in its monitored history in 2007. This is perhaps the most extreme sign that the arctic is melting at an alarmingly fast rate.


Extreme summer temperatures are another obvious proof that global warming is real. Not only are the summers becoming unbearable in many regions around the world – they’re lasting longer and longer. In fact, here in the Blue Ridge foothills of the southeast US, the leaves are just now showing their bright autumn colors and the highs were in the 70’s last week. 10 years ago, short sleeves were out of sight before the beginning of October!

30 in the evening.  Photo by Matt McGee
105 at 5:30 in the evening. Photo by Matt McGee

These unusual changes in climate have also been linked to more frequent and more intense forest fires across the world. Wildfires in the past decade have burned longer, destroyed more land, and happened more often than ever before. The US, especially the southeast and southwest, have been affected drastically by these fires. Fires are also starting in forests in the Amazon, Siberia, Greece, Indonesia, and a number of other countries around the globe.

Orange County forest fire.  Photo by Miro-Foto
Orange County forest fire. Photo by Miro-Foto

Proof that global warming is real is all around us – from the extreme temperatures to the more and more frequent natural disasters. It is almost 100% likely that a big portion of this climate change is because of our own actions, habits, and lifestyles.

What do you think?

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  1. What??? God doesnt control anything. If we really wanted to we could end the world right now, by detonating every last nuclear weapon. Stop using religion as a safty net.

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  3. You make the same arguments that all the proponents of global warming make. The trouble is you have no proof. I have been asking anyone that proclaims that “global warming/climate change” is man made. Where is the proof? You always show some picture of a factory belching out smoke. Well back in the 60s and70s you might have gotten away witht that, but not today. We have done a tremendous job of cleaning up industry. Or you show a lake that has “dissapeared”. In you'r example it's Lake Lanier in GA. I live in GA, come look at lake lanier now. We have had a drought for the last 7 years or so, but now we are up to our necks in water. Natural cycles are what you try to shove in peoples faces and say”the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. I have even seen pictures of nuke plant cooling towers shown as “pollution”. Some of you Jonesites “I like to call you that cause remember Jim Jones and his people who drank the cool-aid?” You don't even know that cooling towers can only put out pure steam. No I haven't seen ANY proof that the earth is warming. Go find another soap box.

  4. It would be easier to believe if the politicians weren't trying to tax us because of it. Its like when bush attacked iraq for terrorist acts from afgan. It would have made it easier to believe Bush had good intentions if there wasn't tons of oil involved and if we weren't using Cheneys products for the war.

    I think the same thing goes here. All i hear is, OH NO!! The world is going to explode, we have to tax you to save it!! Believe us its real Give us your money now!!!


  5. your face is an illusion god is real i am a jew awhen all you people who dont belive in him go to hell i will be watching your flesh burn

  6. Thank you to every one who has posted, I have enjoyed reading your comments and learning the different sides to this discussion. Some of my questions were answered and I am ready to do some more research.

    The Christian Bible has been around for thousands years. The Christian Bible and the Islamic Bible both reference some of the same characters such as Jesus and the prophet Elisha. The Bible is historically accurate in many areas (especially easy to track history through the New Testament and the Roman Empire.) The King James Version of the Bible has not changed since 1611. The Bible has answers to any question out there. The Bible contains every success principle spoken about by leaders like John Maxwell, Napoleon Hill, etc.

    Finally the last, but my personal favorite, reason that I know I can believe in the Bible is that God has made himself plain to not only myself but all people (Romans 1:19.) I study science because of my belief in God. Let us not forget that the first documented scientists like Newton were Christians seeking science to appreciate God's creations 🙂 .

    Anyway, I would have to side with many of you who are wondering … “Is Global warming all hysteria and politics?” I have a few questions that no one seems to have answers to:
    1. When you fly in an airplane, what is the ratio between vegetation to concrete (I see much, much more green than gray.)
    2. What percentage of green house gas does the Human race contribute? I have seen studies that have statistical data that shows one volcano eruption causes more green house gases to be released than the amount Man has produced in ten years.
    3. Isn't this Global warming similar to the “Global Cooling Scare” of the 1970s. First we are headed to an Ice age and now only 30 years later we are all going to burn up?

    Thanks again to all who have taken their time to post!

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