5 (More) Extraordinary Examples of Eco-Friendly Watercraft


We’ve highlighted some amazing options for sustainable boating in the past, including the creative solar-powered bicycle boat pictured above.  In this post, we’re bringing you a few more examples of eco-friendly watercraft – a few of which are available, or will soon be available to the public!  From solar power to electric, there are some exciting innovations on the horizon for sustainable fun on the water…


The Nereus is a concept designed by Mathias Koehler for a wind-powered personal watercraft.  Using a kite to make the most of available wind, the jetski-like watercraft is designed to bounce across the waves at ‘relatively high speeds’ and also submerge beneath the water for short periods. 


The EcoWatercraft is the very first electric jet ski, created by the American-based company of the same name. The emissions-free personal watercraft has already been tested and will reach speeds near 50 mph on open water. The Eco will provide 90 minutes of fun on a full charge and the electric motor offers extremely low-maintenance. US customers will be able to enjoy the electric jet ski – manufactured in a renewable energy-powered facility – sometime in 2010 for a price of $32,000.


Eco-sailor Kenichi Horie received the Special Award of the Naomi Uemura Adventure Prize in February, 2009 after several amazing eco-friendly boating expeditions.  In his latest voyage, the Suntory Mermaid II – a wave-powered boat – sailed across the Pacific, from Hawaii to Japan, in 2008.  The ship features a series of solar panels and was constructed out of recycled aluminum, but is primarily powered by the movement of the water it propels.


The Aqua Watercraft is the winner of the 2008 IDEA Design Awards and is an intriguing concept of a submersible electric-powered watercraft.  Joystick controls, oxygen supplies, and even water pressure monitoring were integrated into the futuristic single passenger design.  The Aqua is an option for underwater living in the future and provides a sustainable mode of transportation both above and below the ocean’s surface.


Buffalo Solar Boats, formerly Tamarack Lake Electric, offers 2 models of solar-electric watercraft.  The Loon is their newest option, featuring twin electric motors that are assisted by top-mounted solar panels.  The Loon is an 8-passenger boat, similar to a pontoon, and requires no gas for operation.  The company also sales used electric boats, a selection of inflatable electric watercraft, and the 30-passenger solar-electric Osprey.

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  1. it's totally awesome, thanks for posting this, the pictures are really very nice, I will definitely copy some of these!


  2. Wind and Solar power are the best bet when going Eco friendly cars or boats. It is good to start building this concept and start conserving Mother Earth. Solar powered boat is good but too dangerous to travel when deciding to cross country.

  3. I've been speaking about these watercrafts with an Austin electrician while he was redoing my wires. He said he has heard numerous stories but has never seen one. He tried explaining to me how it would all work and how it can save up on fuel by producing electricity using the sun's power.

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