10 Incredible and Intriguing Eco Accessories for Your Home


From staircases to furniture and art to lighting, a sustainably designed home requires eco-friendly accessories for a green design inside and out.  This collection of amazing eco designs goes beyond standard energy-star appliances and stainless steel cabinetry, including chairs from worn-out keyboards, elegant light fixtures from recycled aluminum, and more…


Book lovers that can’t bear to part with their old collections can transform them into bookcases and shelves to hold new books and trinkets.  These super-cool recycled bookcases are created by Jim Rosenau in Berkley, CA and can be purchased through his website.  Visit WebUrbanist for more awesome bookcase designs.


Old car parts, industrial scraps, and yesterday’s trampoline springs get new life as one-of-a-kind home decor when artist Tim Pace gets his hands on them.  Each piece of Eco-Art is imaginative, intriguing, and fashioned by hand from recycled metal.  The item pictured here is one of Tim’s amazing wine racks – other Eco-Art includes business card and candle holders, creative garden sculptures, and more.


Beautiful wood and simple steel are the only materials in this stunning spiral staircase designed by Patrick Jouin.  The magnificent set of stairs requires little space, making it ideal for modular building or prefab – not to mention the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous!  (via dornob designs)


Do your window blinds simply keep out the bright rays of sun and cool your home – or do they harvest the sun’s power and turn on your lamp?  The illuminating solar blinds, created by Yoon-Hui Kim and Eun-Kyung Kim, do just that!  During the day, the blinds shade your home while storing solar power.  Turn the blinds on after dark and an integrated table lamp, chandelier, or floor lamp will brighten the room without taking up space or using electricity.

deborah-airplane-deskEvery home office needs a good desk.  The ‘Deborah’ is one of many pieces of innovative recycled furniture from Reestore.  An airplane wing is transformed into a sturdy and attractive surface, then topped with heavy glass.  The wing desk is supported by stainless steel legs and available for purchase for £1990.


Recycled aluminum, resin, and low-energy LEDs create amazing eco-lighting solutions.  Stem, Firefly, Cocoon, and Flur, pictured here, are part of the SKIN collection – a company featuring the award-winning lighting designs by LEED-accredited Deniece Duscheone.

keyboard-chairChic and modern, this creative lounger is also eco-friendly.  Named the Text-ile Chair and designed by Dante Bonnucelli and Lamm for the UMUL workshop in 2009, the furniture rescues several old keyboards to provide an intriguing and resourceful seating option.  (Via Inhabitat)



Demolition scrap piles are the perfect source for home interior remodeling – at least when A77 Studio is in charge of the job.  The house pictured here, located in Buenos Aries, was completely refurbished with discarded highway guardrails, scrap wood, and forgotten industrial doors and windows for a stunning eco interior design.


These snake-like creations are the latest innovation from designers MOI – transforming Trask lights.  The LED light fixtures are versatile and unique, doubling as an intriguing task light for your desk or end table or track lighting suspended from the ceiling.  Adding to the eco-friendliness of Trask lights, the units are manufactured from recycled sheet metal with a safe powder-coat finish and flat-pack shipped to minimize transportation costs.


Hold on to those plastic drinking straws – especially the colorful ones, and you could have your very own recycled chair, footstool, or even a lampshade.  We’re not sure exactly how many straws were used to create these intriguing pieces of recycled eco furniture, or how long they would last under regular use, but it is one of the most creative examples of reuse we’ve come across!

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  2. Hey, now all we need is a recycled toilet and we have the whole house! lol No really, those are some pretty awesome creations and the fact that they are recycled makes them that much better. I love the desk and just contacted the company in regards to pricing for my office.

  3. These are great accessories. The wooden spiral stairs are nice but looks like an accident waiting to happen. A little oil and someone is going back to the bottom floor in a hurry.

  4. All of these creations are so cool! I think those solar power blinds are so efficient, but wish they didn't have that ugly lamp picture… can't they emit light some other way? I guess I could always decorate with those modern, colorful LED light fixtures to add some style to my place. see it all worked out 🙂

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