Coal, Oil are Not the Solution to Sustainable Energy – What is?

Contrary to good ol’ George Bush’s opinion on future energy sources, offshore drilling and millions of dollars exploring carbon capture techniques are not the answer to our energy needs. Oil companies are enjoying record-breaking profits and George claims there’s hope for the future of solar power – “in parts of the world where the sun shines a lot.”

The truth is, fossil fuels like coal and oil play a major role in the current state of the planet and there are much cleaner, reliable sources for our energy needs. Check out the latest developments in sustainable energy:

Solar Power – Not Just a Sunny Day Companion

  • New research may include titanium in the future of solar panels. The new material harnesses power from both the visible and the infrared spectrum, potentially using as much as 63% of the available energy – an improvement of more than 20% over today’s solar panels.

Solar Tree street lamp

  • The Solar Tree is an artistic and earth-friendly street lamp, designed by Ross Lovegrove. The first solar trees are growing in popularity throughout Europe as Lovegrove works to develop second-generation trees with even more features, including an air purification module and sunflower-like movement. Yes George – even when the sun doesn’t shine “a lot”, these lamps will light the night for at least 4 days on stored energy.

The Power of Garbage

Disposing of the tons and tons of waste we generate each year has been a problem that only continues to grow. New advancements are making the idea of transforming that garbage into energy and fuel more than just a dream. There are plans for at least 2 dozen plants and a few already in operation, like the system shown in the video below.


Save Hundreds with a Gentle Breeze

Starck windmill

  • This stylish roof ornament does much more than make your neighbor’s ask questions. Designed by French artist Philippe Starck, this windmill could generate 80% of your home’s energy without becoming an eyesore.

  • A few simple kites, attached to a generator, could power your neighborhood in the near future. Kites can harness more of the wind’s energy than windmills because of the higher altitude and are nowhere near as costly. Kite farms are not just cost-effective and clean means of creating energy, they’re fascinating!

There are many other sustainable energy options that can improve the planet as well as our wallets. From hydrogen and water to the power of human movement, the future holds much more than oil and coal. Subscribe to Ecoble to stay up to date on the latest advancements.

6 thoughts on “Coal, Oil are Not the Solution to Sustainable Energy – What is?”

  1. I am a Building Energy Rating Assessor from Ireland and am amazed by the amount of energy that is waisted in peoples homes, it seems that world Governments feel this is acceptable if you are able to pay for it!,surely if this waist of energy has a wider global impact then their should be some form of legislation introduced, after all if you have a car with a larger more polluting engine you are penalised with a much higher road tax?

  2. I do think the same.First, It's renewable source of enery.
    (ii)It doesnt cause any kind of pollution.
    (iii)Its Free of cost, You just have to implement it once.

  3. The kites attached to a generator is a very nice idea. First time is see this idea on the internet. But i think it's only possible when you have enough property. Else you get angry neighbors evry time the wind goes down

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