Top Ten Ecoble Articles of All Time

Photo by Laverrue via Flickr
Photo by Laverrue via Flickr

From recycled water bottle islands to the latest developments in sustainable transport, Ecoble has shared the coolest green gadgets, current eco politics, and our favorite sustainable innovations with you for nearly a year-and-a-half now – here’s the 10 posts our readers have enjoyed the most. Let us know which Ecoble article is your favorite in the comments!


What do you get when you combine bamboo, a little plywood, and 250,000 plastic bottles? Your own sustainable floating island, of course! Richie Sowa built the island off the Mexico coastline – for the second time in 2007, after the original Spiral Island suffered during strong winds.


Global warming – is it real; is it our fault? Our most popular climate change article urges every individual to ponder, research, and investigate those questions for themselves before sitting back and doing nothing.


What can you do with an old cassette tape? Or a few empty CD cases? Newspapers, old clothes, or rubber bands? Check out these 10 unusual ways to recycle ordinary objects to see insulation, coin purses, and even bridges made out of simple, household things!


Prefab houses are the latest trend in eco-friendly housing. FlatPak offers customized prefab homes, as well as office buildings, starting with an earth-friendly foundation that can be adapted to sandy, mountainous, or extreme terrains.


Sustainable transportation has come a long way in the past few years. Electric cars like the Zoop, the sleek diesel Loremo boasting 150 mpg, and even the robotic looking Helios are just the beginning of what’s in store for the future of green automotives.


What could you do with a glowstick that never burnt out, continuously glowing all day and night for 15 years – no recharge needed? Glowpaint’s Litroenergy uses self-luminescent micro particles to create the longest lasting light source currently available that requires no type of energy.


What happens when an astronaut drops a camera or loses a wrench in space? Where do old satellites go when they no longer work? What about debris and pieces that fall from rockets as they travel? It becomes space junk, cluttering the universe, occasionally falling back to Earth, and interfering with rocket travel until we figure out a way to remove it!


What if skyscrapers were more than just towering hunks of metal, constantly contributing to smog and air pollution? What if they generated wind power and provided space for public parks? Maybe even providing fresh fruits and vegetables for the community? This green architectural concept would turn skyscrapers into climate change allies instead of the enemies they’re currently seen as.


Solar power is seeing a lot of new potential lately. The sun is powering cars, homes – and now boats! This innovative design lets you enjoy the luxury of boating without the environmental harm of gas engines. The solar powered boat features pedals for an eco-friendly backup energy option.


Living off-the-grid isn’t too hard – especially with these creative energy-free gadgets. Gravity lights, magnetic refrigerators, and no-energy-required espresso makers are perfect accessories for a sustainable home. Power gadgets on the go just by moving with a kinetic energy band or relax in your very own wood-burning jacuzzi.

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