Air, Land, and Sea: The Latest and Greatest Solar-Powered Creations


The possibilities of solar energy as a clean and sustainable power solution have been explored for decades. Solar panels to power our homes, offices, and factories are nothing new – but in recent years, an array of solar-powered concepts have been introduced.  Today, many of those concepts are taking shape to bring us solar-powered boats, airplanes, and even cars that prove that our fascination with the sun’s energy plays a major role in our sustainable future.  Check out the latest amazing uses for solar power…

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Great Green Booze: 12 Sustainable Holiday Spirits

With everyone else on the planet jumping on the green bandwagon, it was inevitable that the purveyors of our most popular mind-altering substance have jumped on board. We’ll take you on a tour of some of the best…

Ocean Vodka Maui

Guess where this drink comes from? If you’re thinking island breezes and big, big waves… you’d be right. It’s distilled in Hawaii by a couple of surfer dudes who really know their drinks.

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We get it, green is the new black

Saving the environment has never been so cool; fashion designers made “organic, green” grocery  bags that will cost you just as much as your monthly food bill would be.  Organic fashions are simple, eco friendly, and will make your bank cry.  If you’ve went food shopping with only buying organic …

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Top Ten Green Fashion Blogs

Last week saw the launch of the very first green fashion magazine called boho. It is printed on 100% recyclable paper with soy-based inks, and unlike other magazines that have a green theme, this one is devoted entirely to fashion. Real fashion–not just hemp and Earth Shoes. We’re talking haute couture here.

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OneHundredMonths – 100 Months for Climate Change

Earth in a puddle

The 100 month countdown

Without positive, permanent action taken RIGHT NOW, the latest estimates say we have 8 years and 4 months before climate change has reached an unstoppable point of build-up. And while the first thought of many is undoubtedly that the naysayers are on their soapboxes again, let’s point out that the report released today in The Guardian, a UK newspaper, says these numbers are based on the conservative outlook.

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WebEcoist is Alive!

Well, we’re a day late here unfortunately. It’s funny that this has come along as we are going to do a bit of a rundown of the green blogs we check out regularly. Now, we have another one to check out and add to the list. WebEcoist is a sister …

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