Greatest Green Cell Phones for the New Year

How eco-friendly can a cell phone be?

Photo by gaetan lee
Photo by gaetan lee

A green cell phone – could there really be such a thing? Nearly 90% of the world has access to cellular phone service; there are nearly 3 billion mobile phone accounts in the world; and a number of countries have more cell phones in active use than their total population. Cell phones have become such an environmental concern that many areas have banned traditional disposal methods, requiring recycling and refurbishing instead, and regulations on manufacturing are becoming just as common.

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10 Great Ways to Green your Thanksgiving

Getting There – Thanksgiving is one of the heaviest travel weekends of the year, and how you choose to get there can make a big difference in your annual carbon footprint. If you’re driving long distances, avoid SUVs and big gas-guzzlers – remember, you can always rent something smaller. Carpooling is also good, although not always an option. And if you’re flying, keep in mind that air miles are about the most damaging mode of travel for the environment. Avoid flying if possible; if you can’t, consider purchasing carbon offsets from a reliable source.

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