Drill, Nancy, Drill?

Oil RigOffshore Oil Platform Under Construction --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

You may well be wondering – why the heck is Nancy Pelosi pushing through a bill that allows for offshore drilling? Isn’t that against everything we’re supposed to stand for? Is this another example of business-as-usual betraying core Democratic principles?

Alas, sometimes green areas fall in grey areas. Here’s the scoop:

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GYM: Concept Car for Physical Fitness

Sporting and sporty, combining fitness and transportation

If being an electric car isn’t enough to make you look at this concept vehicle with an appreciative eye, would it help to say that it incorporates personal workout into it’s operation?  That’s right, it is flashy, sporty, and helps keep you healthy.  The car could be charged up using a connection to a conventional electric outlet, but it can also be charged by another, rarely tapped form of power: the human body engaged in physical exercise.  It has a stepping machine, a bench press, a rowing machine, and you can even do some pull-ups, keeping you physically fit at the same time as you put that aerobic energy to a practical use.

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Hydrogen Powered – The 10 Most Amazing Uses of Hydrogen Fuel

More and more uses for hydrogen as fuel and power alternatives are being experimented with each year. We’re discovering ways to make hydrogen more efficient, more eco-friendly, and more affordable. The past few years have seen tremendous advancements in fuel cell technology and the use of hydrogen. Check out 10 …

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Enthusiast Fuels his Ecoboat with Human Fat

Vehicles that draw their energy from green sources have created an exciting new frontier in the travel industry! At least, that’s what most people think. When it comes to boats, though, alternative energy crafts are nothing new. Back in the day (1902 in fact!), Mary Gordon was an electric-powered boat sporting stained glass windows, silk curtains and luxurious, velvet covered chairs.

So how far have we really come since then?

Eco Boat

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Update: New Floating Man-Made Island About to be Open to the Public

The original Spiral Island was the talk of the world: a man-made floating island constructed from 250,000 plastic bottles that could drift and relocate as needed until it was destroyed by disaster. Now the new Spiral Island is slated to open to the public within the next few months in Laguna Makax near Isla Mujeres. The new island has drawn in donations, volunteers and visitors from all parts of the world and walks of life – people inspired by what may be one of the most impressive do-it-yourself projects of modern times.

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