10 Incredible and Intriguing Eco Accessories for Your Home


From staircases to furniture and art to lighting, a sustainably designed home requires eco-friendly accessories for a green design inside and out.  This collection of amazing eco designs goes beyond standard energy-star appliances and stainless steel cabinetry, including chairs from worn-out keyboards, elegant light fixtures from recycled aluminum, and more…

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8 Completely Awesome DIY Home Energy Projects


Small-scale renewable energy is a must for a sustainable home – but converting your home to clean energy options can carry a huge initial price tag.  We’ve scoured the web for some of the most innovative examples of homemade energy solutions to compile a collective list of DIY projects to make your home greener and more energy efficient without costing you a fortune.  From solar water heaters and gadget chargers to homemade super-efficient refrigerators, you’ll find links (with instructions) to some of the best projects you can make at home…

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Wind – 10 Innovative Wind-Powered Creations


World’s fastest wind-powered car – the Greenbird

Wind power is slowly finding a role in our sustainable future – and the possibilities are endless!  The United States doubled their wind-power facilities in 2008, now creating over 25,000 MW of wind-generated electricity each year.   But the potential of the wind as a renewable energy source reaches much further than typical wind farms – check out these innovative wind-powered creations…

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Extraordinary Reuse Projects – 10 Amazing Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles



Image by fhemerick

Plastic bottles are produced, consumed, and trashed each and every day.  Of the 28 billion bottles of water bought by Americans each year, more than 22 billion sit in landfills.  Only 13% of our plastic bottles are recycled.  

Those statistics on plastic bottles don’t include the ones that have been rescued for amazing reuse projects!  We’ve discovered more than 340,000 plastic bottles in the creations below – from chic plastic vests to floating islands, the possibilities for reusing bottles are endless …

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